SPECS Logs (SPace for Extending Comprehension Skills) are journal-type books in which students record their developing understanding of a text and its comprehension skill. Students track the sequence of a day’s reading, use visual tools to represent their thinking, and summarize their understanding that results from the tool’s development. A tailored vocabulary section in the Log provides an organized place to record new words and their various components.

This Log is an invaluable tool for student growth and for teacher assessement of student understanding. SPECS Logs are avilable for Primary, Elementary, and Advanced levels and are an integral part of the Foundations & Frameworks instuctional reading program.

SPECS Log for Kindergarten and/or First Grade

Early Childhood Format (K-1)
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Primary Edition: Gr 1-2
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SPECS Primary Gr 2

Primary Edition: Gr 2
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Elementary Edition: Gr 3-5 or 6
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Advanced Edition: Gr 6-8
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