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The Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Course is a dynamic presentation of critical program and implementation details, including significant updates introduced in 2021. During the three days, participants enjoy a comprehensive review of the program’s major components, observe live Foundations & Frameworks lessons in a variety of classrooms, and explore principles and strategies for successful instructional coaching. This interactive course answers participants’ questions, broadens participants’ instructional strategies, and equips participants to effectively coach colleagues who implement Foundations & Frameworks.
January 29-31, 2024 (8:30-3:00 each day)
Brainerd Baptist School
4107 Mayfair Ave, Chattanooga, TN 37411
Registration Fee
$1125 per participant
Materials Requirement
If you have this Toolbox, please bring it with you. If you do not have this 2021 edition of the Toolbox, please purchase it prior to the course. It will be available for pickup at the course.
To Register
  1. Submit one registration form (below) per school; REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED THROUGH JANUARY 15, 2024
  2. Your school (or your district if using Title Funds) will be invoiced. (Credit card payment is not an option.) Payment is due January 22, 2024.


What are the prerequisites for this Advanced Course?

What are prerequisites for this Advanced Course?

  • Successful completion of the Foundations & Frameworks Basic Course (in-person or online)
  • Classroom implementation of at least two complete Foundations & Frameworks units following Basic Course completion

We completed the Basic Course prior to 2020...

We completed the Foundations & Frameworks Basic Course prior to 2020 but have not received instruction in the 2021 updates. Can we attend this Advanced Course?
Yes. The Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Course is open to any Foundations & Frameworks teacher who has successfully completed the Foundations & Frameworks Basic Course, in person or online. The only requirement is for each Advanced Course participant to purchase the Foundations & Frameworks Toolbox, 2021 Edition and bring it to this course. Participants will receive instruction in all the updates and become equipped to incorporate them as a teacher and as an in-house course instructor.

Will we have access to course videos so that ...

Will we have access to the Foundations & Frameworks course videos so that we can lead the course at our school?
Yes. Each school represented at the Advanced Course will receive a one-year complimentary subscription to the Clerestory Learning Video Library, which includes, 1.) ALL course videos required for conducting the Foundations & Frameworks Course in house, 2.) videos that explain and show how Foundations & Frameworks skills are introduced and mastered across every applicable grade, and 3.) ALL course videos for the Architecture of Learning Course. While this course is no longer required for Foundations & Frameworks, it is the instructional design model upon which Foundations & Frameworks is based, and is a powerful, research-based, time-tested, graduate-level course, especially for upper grades.

Will graduate credit or CEUs be offered...

Will graduate credit or CEUs be offered for this Advanced Course?
Graduate credit will not be available. We are working to have CEUs through ACSI available for this course.

Is my registration payment refundable?

Is my registration payment refundable?
Registration must be submitted by January 5, 2024. Registration payment must be received by January 22, 2024. Registration payment is refundable 1.) in the case of a participant’s unforeseen, unavoidable circumstance and every effort has been made to send a colleague in the participant’s place, and 2.) if the course is cancelled due to dangerous weather conditions.

Where can I find a course syllabus?

Where can I find a course syllabus?

Download the Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Course Syllabus 2022 here.

It addresses: course description, rationale, intended audience, instructor information, prerequisites, learning goals, required text, and course policies.

Do you have lodging recommendations?

Do you have lodging recommendations?

With its outstanding greenway, eating, and entertainment options, Chattanooga is one of our favorite cities in the US. Here are a few recommended lodging options:

Options by the mall area:
Embassy Suites by Hilton
2331 Lifestyle Way 37421

Hampton Inn and Suites
2014 Hamilton Place Blvd 37421

Downtown options (an easy drive to the school):
The Read House
107 W MLK Blvd 37402|
Can be pricey, but the experience is second to none!

The Edwin Hotel
102 Walnut Street 37403


Holiday Inn and Suites
434 Chestnut St 37402

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