Confidently equip students with deep text comprehension skills
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Interested in Foundations & Frameworks?

Follow these best steps to find out what this program is all about.

Go to the ABOUT page to find:

  • what makes F&F distinct
  • what is included in F&F’s scope & sequence
  • how F&F is structured to meet individual needs
  • what student materials are available and what they look like
  • what tools are available for teachers
  • how F&F teaches critical thinking as a tool for reading comprehension
  • how vocabulary is taught within F&F
  • what skill instruction within F&F looks like
  • how literature is selected and used in F&F
  • available options for the F&F Basic Course (required for all F&F teachers)
  • what are the basic costs of program implementation
  • how the program equips schools with instructional coaches to sustain excellence and effectiveness in implementation

After you’ve reviewed this site:

  • contact Clerestory Learning with any questions you still have
  • request an in-person or Zoom meeting to get more information or to allow a group to ask questions

Plan implementation


Here’s how to start:

  • identify the start date for program implementation in classroms
  • select a Basic Course option that is a best fit and arrange for your teachers’ participation (this may include course enrollment)
  • order training materials:
    Architecture of Learning Book
    F&F Basic Course Book
    F&F Toolbox
  • order classroom materials (literature)
  • order student materials (SPECS Logs)

Need ordering help? Contact julia@

Enjoy support


Once you begin, you are not on your own:

  • contact us, Kevin or Julia Washburn at Clerestory Learning, with questions (
  • request a Zoom meeting to get questions answered
  • arrange for Kevin to visit in person (a recommended implementation support option)
  • identify teachers and/or administrators who will be effective instructional coaches and arrange for them to attend the Foundations & Frameworks Advanced Course